SANDER GmbH, Institut für Strömungsmechanik

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D-81241 Munich
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General Manager: Dr. Johannes Sander
Registered at the Chamber of Commerce, Munich HRB 197108
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Privacy Policy
Our internet pages share information about our services and products.

Whenever you visit our internet pages data will be exchanged between your computer and our computer. Some of these data remain on our computers. For example: the time-stamp, IP address or browser type are stored each time somebody visits our internet pages. Based on these data we perform statistical analysis about the visits of our web pages.

On some of our internet pages you are required to provide personal data. These information is used to organize and protect the business relation between our customers and our company. Examples of personal data are email addresses required to login into our protected web sites.

We never share personal data or any other data retrieved from your visits with third parties, nor do we allow other companies to analyse these data.

Some of our internet pages show maps which are retrieved from Google Inc and known as Goolge Maps. On other pages we use maps retrieved from Whenever a map is delievered from one of these providers, the transfer of the maps through the internet requires the transfer your IP address and other data. Eventually Google Inc. or analyse these data.

By law we are forced to store some data. You have the rights to know which data we store. Your right of revocation or correction should be send to our postal address.

Usage of our internet pages follows German laws, only. Place of venue is Munich, Germany.